I finished my study studying Master of Statistics in the University of Hong Kong currently working as a Data Analyst. I create this blog so as to share interesting ideas about data science and remind myself what I have learned so far.

Perhaps same as most of you, both Kaggle and Codeforces are my favorite arena to get some real practice. I will blog down interesting stuff in little piece section and the Chinese-only section 隨心。隨意.

My interests

With my passion in horse racing, I am writing a R Package called RacingR to ease analysis in horse racing data, in particualr Hong Kong horse racing. Meanwhile, I hope to share some interesting findings here in horse racing section thorugh a series of Data Visualisation.

I love languages, which drives me to the interest in Natural Language Processing. Regarding ‘language’, I think it does not only mean the so-called ‘Natural Language’ but also the programming languages, musical languages, etc are my favourite as well. Why don’t people talk about ‘Musical Language Processing’?

I am also trying to learn spatial analysis and social network analysis. As a former member of Hong Kong Public Space Initiative, I wish I could understand more about the society using data-drive approach.

How does the site name come from?

Inspired by Not So Standard Deviations and Variance Explained, I think it is cool to include a Mathematical term in the blog title.