Think Asymptotically
Albert HK Cheng

「三個臭皮匠,勝過一個諸葛亮?」—— AI話你知唔會!
本文將會為大家介紹AI的合作方式之一:Model Ensembling

This is part I of the introdutory data science series. We will introduce the basics components of data science or data analysis and provide some resources to start with.

After the horses win a race, can they win again in their next race? We would expect they have consistent performance but there are many factors affecting the outcome. There are some mysterious saying existing without much data support, e.g. the horse of some trainer cannot perform consistently.

Hong Kong Primary School Students Mathematics Homework is difficult, parents even have to write a computer program in order to solve this. However, while writing traditional programming language is tedious, writing a modeling language like Minizinc is more high-level and easier for general students.